About Jenni Wright

Contact me: goingyourway [at] fastmail.fm

Jenni Wright trains people in the field of emotional intelligence.

Having facilitated small and large group seminars, workshops Jenni has a clear understanding of the importance of fun and involvement to assist with group learning. When Jenni speaks in public her style is adapted to suit the many groups she speaks to, whether it be a group of seven or eight requiring individual attention, or a presentation suitable for 750.

Over the past seven or eight years Jenni has been involved in personal and business development, as well as undertaking leadership and teamwork coaching and training on a one-to-one basis and with small groups. Jenni has an emotional intelligence program for schools and can assist with reading and behavioural problems.

Jenni Wright has a fun, participatory style of speaking that encourages audiences to laugh and learn. It also encourages a rethinking of the status quo in the lives of people in a gentle and encouraging forum.

Other Certifications:

  • Certified Associate, 6seconds.org
  • Diploma of Government (Management)
  • Diploma of Government (Project Management)
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
Jenni lives in Adelaide, and travels the world!

Jenni Wright has been a friend and business colleague for many years. We know her to be a very honest and trustworthy member of the community, always looking for ways to help her fellow citizens.

In our time together she has organised large and small seminars for invited quests with a great degree of success. Jenni has been applauded for her efficiency and attention to detail, which inevitably makes any event successful.

As well, she has organised and been the presenter of material to groups of up to 200 and also to smaller more intimate groups where they have been able to give their undivided attention to each and every one there. Jenni is confident, sincere, and willing to help others achieve their dreams and desires.

We always welcome Jenni’s contribution to any of our groups and she is recognised as a person of integrity and purpose with a desire to serve. Jenni is always innovative and interesting and always brings something to the table to make one think.

Jenni gives great value to others at all times. Her ability to step up at a moments notice and contribute worthwhile information is indicative of the study and work she continues to do with and for herself.

We sincerely recommend Jenni as a qualified speaker who will enlighten and inspire anyone who listens to what she has to share to make this world a better place.

— Bob and Judie Brown, Adelaide, Australia

Jenni, I find your presentations to be original (for example when you dressed up as Farmer Joe) innovative, educational, informative, thought provoking and just as importantly fun and yes, sometimes even cheeky. I always check the monthly program and look forward with anticipation to the presentations when you are the presenter.

Keep up the good work Jenni.

— Ashley Saies, Adelaide, Australia


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